Our group is engaged in exploring soft matter science in areas such as polymers, elastomers, and gels for different applications including actuators, implants, shape memory, encapsulation, contrast agents, and drug delivery.

Currently, positions are available for students and postdocs with expertise in polymers, rheology, acoustics, biomedical implants and drug delivery. Contact Sergei Sheiko

UNC Chapel Hill received a $3.18 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to establish a Materials Interdisciplinary Research Team (MIRT)! (Read more…)

Some areas of research include thin polymer films, surface properties, wetting phenomena, molecular assembly, and the behavior of single molecules. Currently, we are focused on the design of molecular tensile machines, exploring new strategies in lithography, developing molecular fluidics, and mechanical activation of specific chemical bonds at interfaces. Using molecular imaging techniques we are able to observe how individual molecules move, self-organize, respond, and react on surfaces. These studies have direct implications on microelectronics, photonics, fluidics, and oil recovery, i.e. technologies that greatly exploit the microstructure and surface properties of thin polymer films.